Hawk Cliff New Trails!

Located at Hawk Cliff Road off of Dexter Line there is a public viewing section for birding watchers of all experiences to catch a spectacular view of wildlife. Hawk migration was first noted here in the late 1800s. The Hawk migration starts in late August and continues as late as mid-December some years. The best days for hawk migration usual occur on or the day after a cold weather front has moved through the County producing deep blue skies and big, fluffy cumulus clouds. 

Here is a timeline of what you can expect to see when visiting Hawk Cliff:

September:  Ruby-throated Hummingbirds can be seen in early September. Throughout September is a peak time for Broad-winged Hawks. Some years, more than 20 000 hawks have been recorded in a day.  Bald Eagles and Ospreys are popular in late September. Blue Jays are viewed in late September and early October.

October: This is the time of the migration season where the greatest number of migrating hawk species are found - as many as 10 different kinds of hawks on a good migration day. Peregrine Falcons arrive in larger numbers during October and American Crows can be seen in mid-October. Golden Eagles and Red-shouldered Hawks increase in numbers towards late October and continue into early November. 

November: During this month, flights of over 1,000 Red-tailed Hawks fly through in early November.

In some years, thousands of Monarch butterflies and hundreds of dragonflies can pass by in a single day.

You can find out more information about this area at http://www.thamestalbotlandtrust.ca/

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