Gifts That Your Boss/Teacher Really Want

Forget that box of chocolate or unoriginal mug bought from a big-box store. Show your boss or teacher how much you really appreciate them with a locally bought gift with bold Elgin County flavours and flare!

Now, Where Exactly Are These Products Available... It's As Simple As A Click Of A Button!

Handmade Pottery Mug
Turtle & Bird Co.
Sparta, ON

Bottle of Wine
Quai du Vin Estate Winery
45811 Fruit Ridge Line, St Thomas, ON N5P 3S9

Taste of Elgin Honey 
Wildflowers Farm
42338 Fruit Ridge Line, St Thomas, ON N5P 3S9

Custom Sugar Cookies 
Grandma's Oven
157 John St N, Aylmer, ON N5H 2B1

Amaryllis Bulb Kit
Canadale Nursery
269 Sunset Dr, St Thomas, ON N5R 3C4