Cruise the Coast in Elgin County

Welcome to the next edition of “Elginsider: The Inside Scoop”, where each week a staff member from Elgin County Economic Development & Tourism will share the inside scoop on life in Elgin County!

Well fellow bikers, it’s nearly that time of year again! Friday the 13th at Port Dover (PD 13) will be here in just a couple of days; and, if you ride, like I do, or you are just a motorcycle enthusiast, you will be heading to PD 13 to check out the cool bikes, sounds, and interesting sights  that make for a great experience. But, wait, isn’t PD 13 located in neighbouring Norfolk County? Isn’t this article supposed to be about Elgin County? Yes, you would be correct.

Here’s my suggestion. Leave early in the morning or even the day before the event, get off of those busy, stressful roads, and ride into Elgin County for a relaxing cruise along Lake Erie’s north shore.  As you ride from Port Glasgow to Port Burwell enjoy the scenic views of the countryside with the cool lake breeze on your face, you will have three blue flag beaches to stop and enjoy. You will also wind your way through picturesque villages each with unique dining experiences and accommodations. If camping is your thing, you will not be disappointed. The provincial campground in Port Burwell is less than an hour’s ride to Port Dover!

So, I’m going to get up early on the 13th, stop at Tall Tales Cafe in Dutton for breakfast then ride along the north shore to Port Dover.  On the way back, after getting my fill of cruisers, baggers, and choppers, I will ride to Aylmer stopping at Dan’s Taco Wagon for a quick bite where I’m sure to meet other bikers gathered discussing their day at PD13. So, until the next PD 13 ride safe my friends and watch out for those cagers!  

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Alan Smith
General Manager Economic Development