Elginsider: A Photographer's Paradise In Elgin County!

Welcome to the next edition of the "Elginsider: The Inside Scoop", where each week a staff member from Elgin County Economic Development & Tourism will share the inside scoop on life in Elgin County!

With only 10 days until I say the big "I do", I wanted to share a few of my favourite places where you can take engagement photos, or any photos for that matter, with picturesque backdrops, right here in Elgin County!

Last June, my Fiancé and I decided we would like to take our engagement photos in Elgin County, the place that we have both been fortunate enough to grow up in and grow our relationship together in. Eleven years ago, we had our first date at the beach, making the Port Bruce Provincial Park Beach the ideal location to capture this special moment in our lives.

The Port Bruce Provincial Park Beach truly is a hidden gem on Lake Erie's north shore. The natural windswept sandy hills and marram grasses make it a photographer's paradise. 

What's even better, is that we were able to incorporate our loving and loyal chocolate lab, Bruin into our photos. This beach is perfect for your four-legged best friend to get some exercise and go for a dip into the serene waters of Lake Erie!

My Fiancé and I are also outdoorsy people who love to spend time out in the woods. Corner's Corner Conservation Area, on the corner of Fruit Ridge Line and Yarmouth Centre Road is a well-maintained area with groomed trails, ponds, and beautifully lined coniferous trees, allowing a photographer to put on their creative lens. The uniqueness and serenity of this conservation area make it a special place to take photos and make memories that will last a lifetime.

There are many other spots across the County that can become the perfect ambiance for that special occasion in your life. Here is a quick list of places where you too can take lasting photos in Elgin County:

- The Port Glasgow Pier
- The grounds at the Backus Page House 
- Fingal Wildlife Management Area
- The Port Stanley Terminal Rail
- Springwater Conservation Area
- The bridge at Steen Park in Aylmer
- The lighthouse in Port Burwell

As Elgin County's Marketing and Communications Coordinator, I would be remiss if I didn't mention sharing your photos with us. When posting your photos on Instagram, use the hashtag #ElginCounty for your chance to have them featured. We also have a photo contest running until September, where your photo could be chosen to be on the cover of our 2020 Elgin County Tourism Guide. More information about this contest, "We've Got You Covered" can be found here.

As always, thanks for reading,

Jessica DeBackere (soon to be Silcox)
Marketing & Communications Coordinator