Port Stanley Festival Theatre

Located in the scenic lakeside village of Port Stanley, the Port Stanley Festival Theatre presents professional live theatre from May - September, and musical performances from October - April each year.

2020 Playbill

The Crooner Show
May 19 - 23
Created by Rick Kish. A LINK Theatre Production

“The perfect kick-off!” From Sinatra to Buble and a whole lot in between, The Crooner Show created by Rick Kish celebrates songs made famous by some of the greatest crooners of all time. Two hours of hit after hit, great stories, swingin’ tunes, and cool styles. Join us as we return to those 50’s and 60’s in a high energy, surprise filled, trip down memory lane.


A legal Alien
May 26 - 30
By Chris Gibbs

“From England, the land of William Shakespeare to Canada, the land of William Shatner.” Chris Gibbs first came to Canada in 1995. Since then he's moved to Canada permanently, married a Canadian, and made a Canadian. He's met a Canadian who apologized for saving his life, been given more advice on bear avoidance than anyone could possibly need and has spent more time than strictly necessary wondering what it really means to 'drop your accent.'.“A stand -up comedy show about Canadians, by someone who isn’t one!”


Jonas and Barry in the Home
June 3 - 23
By Norm Foster

STARRING NORM FOSTER AND DAVID NAIRN “When life comes knocking you don’t want it to find you on the couch in a soiled bathrobe.”
We are thrilled to have Norm Foster returning to the Port Stanley stage in this hilarious buddy story! Jonas and Barry couldn’t be more different, in demeanour, in style and in outlook. Like oil and water two seniors, fight for love, friendship, and happy endings, in assisted living. This new “odd couple” will make you laugh, they will make you cry, they will make you celebrate what it means to be human. “Foster, whose acting talents are often overshadowed by his prolific career as a playwright, is hilarious as Jonas …”


Our House
July 1 - 18
A WORLD PREMIERE by Murray Furrow

“Retirement! It's what you’ve worked for, it's your golden years, it’s a life in the sunshine … or is it?
What if you’re bored? Rose and Brian are finding out that retirement might not be what it’s cracked up to be. To find a new interest in life they take in a young actor from the local summer theatre and get more than they bargained for. Mounties, RV’s, and Viagra. Young love, old love, and finding that what you have is the best thing after all. A comedy about the meaning of home.


Hurry Hard
July 22 - Aug 15
By Kristen Da Silva

How is it going to end? On the eve of demolition, the beleaguered Stayner Curling Club needs to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat and destroy arch-nemesis, Meaford. Like “Rocky”, like “Miracle on Ice”, like “Seabiscuit” … a play about curling, about underdogs, and about rising to the occasion. Will romance, past hope, and family ties win it all, or will history repeat itself in this truly Canadian comedy?


Perils of Persephone 
Aug 19 - Sept 12
By Dan Needles

“Flashes of brilliance …” From the playwright who brought us the Wingfield series and “Ed’s Garage”, comes “The Perils of Persephone”. The Township of Persephone is threatened when a truck which may contain toxic waste crashes into the swamp on the farm of the township reeve, Eldon Currie. Understandably, he calls for help, but be careful what you wish for! A comedy about fossils, radioactive material, cows, toxic dumps, and – most importantly – damage control.

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