Municipality of Bayham

Bayham LogoThe HMCS Ojibwa, Canada’s first Oberon Class submarine put down roots in Bayham in 2013, offering tours May to November. Elgin County's furthest east location is also home to Edison Museum of Vienna (currently closed), Port Burwell Marine Museum & Historic Lighthouse and Port Burwell Provincial Park. Popular events like Edison Fest, Bayham Beach Fest, and the Straffordville Watermelon Fest offer tons of family fun.  The Erie Shores Wind Farm, spread along Bayham’s lakefront provides sustainable energy and an attraction for sightseers and photographers. A fall tour through Bayham, with its picturesque valleys, stately windmills and lake scenery, rivals the best Ontario has to offer.  Come experience the long sandy beaches, delectable Lake Erie perch served at several local restaurants, and herb farm with open air tearoom.


Vienna is just 5 km from Port Burwell on highway 19, and located on the banks of the Big Otter Creek. Once described as "a blink of a town", the village has a history dating back to 1811. Its main claim to fame is that it was the birthplace of one of the Grandfathers of Thomas Alva Edison, famed inventor of the electric lightbulb. Visit the Edison Museum while in Vienna, and tour the charming, historic village.

Port Burwell

The “Jewel of Erie’s North Shore”, Port Burwell is a quiet town that knows how to live it up! Home to the HMCS Ojibwa, Port Burwell Provincial Park, a Marine Museum, marinas, clean, soft, sandy beaches and some of the best Walleye and perch fishing in the region, Port Burwell really is a gem.


The area’s central hub, Straffordville is home to the Municipality of Bayham offices, and Watermelon Festival.